Advantages of our special recovery systems

By lowering the supporting platform a flat approach to the aircraft is possible.

In case of flat or damaged tires, it is possible to recover the aircraft by means of a towing bar or hoist chains hooked to the platform.

User friendly operation of the dolly, without complicated training.

Very specific design focused to minimize the stress forces on the aircraft components during the recovery process.

The large number of special heavy duty wheels, made of Polymade, helps to prevent grooves in runways and taxiways made of asphalt.

By unlocking each of Bogie wheels, wheels are rotatable 360° whereby the following maneuvers of push-back, pivot turning (180°), asw well as the lateral pulling of the aircraft, are possible.

Different sizes of our recovery platform can be delivered on demand.

To adjust the recovery system to your corporate design, these can be delivered in virtually and kind of paint.

Elevation of the platform of the recovery dolly, is done hydraulically, all necessary components are included in scope of delivery.

All types are examined and tested by a certified expert on security system and mechanical engineer.

Every recovery vehicle is delivered with CE certificate and logbook.